Why have a fire risk assessment?

From the 1st October 2006 it became law to carry out Fire Risk Assessments in the workplace. The risk assessment is part of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

At Preventafire, we understand that enforcing something that is now law can often feel quite imposing and unnecessarily costly for the small to medium enterprise as well as large blue chip organisations.

For that reason alone, even though you know it is right to comply, we want to give our potential customers 10 better reasons than the fact that ‘it’s now the law’ to reassure you that what you are about to do is a very sensible and worthwhile thing.

UK Fire & Rescue Services attended 1.1 million incidents
Of which 621,000 were fires

473,000 were false alarms
In these fires 593 people died
Another 15,500 were injured in fires
The total cost to society was £7.7 billion
The number of workplace fires attended was 31,900
In which 28 people lost their lives
A further 1,700 were injured in the workplace because of fire
The average cost of each workplace fire was £58,000 and 40% of businesses never recover from the loss

Facts relate to 2003 (Source St Johns Ambulance 2005)